Teenagers and adults

Summer is the right time for improving your language skills.
Some good advice would be: Do not leave for tomorrow what can be done this summer.


Intensive courses

Intensive one-month courses to speed up language learning in a short period of time.

At Yessi we offer you courses in the months of July or September.

Intensive courses (groups from 4 to 8 students)

  • Objective: Advance a course in a month.
  • For students who have 3 hours daily to complete the course.
  • For students who can spend more time working at home.
  • Each year more and more students do 2 courses in just a year.

Semi-Intensive courses (groups from 4 to 10 students)

  • Aim: Reinforce your language knowledge.
  • For students who have less time: 1,5 hours daily.
  • With a good command of the language you will be able to enjoy it.
  • If you need to revise or widen your knowledge don’t hesitate. This is the right course for you.
  • When you master the course you will appreciate it more and realise that it is no longer a problem for you.

Conversation courses (groups from 3 to 8 students)

  • Aim: Improve your speaking skills.
  • For students who have 1,5 hours daily.
  • Ideal for students who need to use the language at work, on holiday or to get their message across.
  • Dare lose your fear of making mistakes and plunge into the language.
  • The way to do it is with Yessi in small conversation groups.

Exams preparation (groups from 4 to 10 students)

  • Aim: Pass an Official Exam.
  • For students who have 1,5 hours daily.
  • With exam-oriented syllabus and practical exercises.
  • With well qualified teachers in Official Exams Preparation.
  • If you have time and you are consistent together with Yessi you’ll make it.

At Yessi we care about you

Yessi centers are approved under the RapidWay teaching system

At Yessi our goal is the same as yours; learn a language and certify it!

If our experts consider the student suitable, we guarantee 100% success in the official exam.