Subsidized courses

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn the language at a very low cost or at no cost.


Our offers

Aimed at different student profiles, you can benefit from different options to lower the cost of the course.

In principle, all Yessi students are private students, who pay for the courses received, but depending on your employment status or age, you can benefit from a total or partial subsidy for the course.

1. Special prices for the unemployed and retired people.

  • Yessi Language Centre offers 20 % discount on courses for unemployed and retired people.
  • You will get further information about course timetables and levels in our different schools.

2. Subsidised courses for people already in full/part time employment

  • Subsidised courses will allow you to learn the language you choose for 0 euros. Totally free.

What is a subsidised course?

  • All companies have access to an amount of money which they can invest in education for their employees from the moment they pay for their Social Security. This means the course has no cost neither for the employee nor for the company.

Which is the amount of money the company has access to?

  • Companies from 1 to 5 employees have access to 420 euros per year and starting from 5 employees up they have access to 65 euros per employee.

What do I have to do to enter a subsidised course?

Student requirements

  • To be already in full/part time employment.
  • Send your request for our courses from the company you work in. You can also go to our school in Cerdanyola and we will arrange all the documentation that is needed with your company ourselves.

Company requirements

  • To be a private company.
  • Pay Yessi the Price of the course, which will be deducted from the Social Security fees the company pays every month.

For additional information about these courses, call 93 692 87 52 in the mornings from 9.00 to 13.30.

At Yessi we care about you

Yessi centers are approved under the RapidWay teaching system

At Yessi our goal is the same as yours; learn a language and certify it!

If our experts consider the student suitable, we guarantee 100% success in the official exam.