Second stage for the little ones where we incorporate new work tools and continue to stimulate their curiosity to learn.


English from 6 to 8 years

We seek to enhance the creativity and participation of each student through practical activities and observation.

In the JUNIORS courses we widen the application of Rapid-Way: Learn By Doing to include all the language skills:

  1. Pronunciation.
  2. Vocabulary.
  3. Oral Expression.
  • All activities and exercises are done in class.
  • CHILDREN are not given homework.
  • Courses last for an academic year: from September until the end of June.
  • New students can join the course at any time during the year providing they have the right level – this is verified by means of a placement test.
  • Each term students do an exam especially adapted to these levels and they receive a report on their progress written by their teacher.
  • There are students who, due to their level of English, maturity, age… can advance 2 courses in a year.

At Yessi we care about you

Yessi centers are approved under the RapidWay teaching system

At Yessi our goal is the same as yours; learn a language and certify it!

If our experts consider the student suitable, we guarantee 100% success in the official exam.