Oral communication courses

Totally practical courses in order to speak and communicate in the language of your choice from the first class.


Our courses

Aimed at people who need oral fluency at work, on their trips and/or in their studies.

Yearly Extensive Courses (from September to June)

  • Levels from Intermediate to Proficiency
  • 2 days per week [2,5 hours] [2,5 horas]
  • Small groups from 4 to 6 students.
  • Specialized books for oral communication courses.

Intensive Conversation Courses

  • Timetables: Saturdays from 9.30 to 13:30 pm
  • Small groups: 3 to 6 students per group.
  • Place: YESSI Cerdanyola
  • Length: 24 hours (6 Saturdays)
  • Enrolment: free
  • Price: 240 euros (material included)

At Yessi we care about you

Yessi centers are approved under the RapidWay teaching system

At Yessi our goal is the same as yours; learn a language and certify it!

If our experts consider the student suitable, we guarantee 100% success in the official exam.