Other languages

French, German and Chinese.


Our courses

Initial courses for the little ones with the aim of promoting the participation of each student through practical activities.

From the age of 8 we introduce the GERMAN, FRENCH and CHINESE courses for CHILDREN and JUNIORS.

  • With didactic material suitable for these ages.
  • The dynamic is similar to the one we apply in English courses for these ages.
  • Oral communication is the most important. Learn with songs, videos, theater and above all with the teachers, who will always speak to you in the language you study.
  • And don’t be afraid. Learning a second language makes learning easier for you.
  • The groups are small: 4 to 8 students.
  • Courses of 1.5 hours per week in a single day.


Monday to Friday: 17.30 – 19.00
Saturdays: 10.00 – 11.30


Germany French Chinese
A1.1 (8 years old) A1.1 (8 years old) A1.1 (8 years old)
A1.2 (9,10 years old) A1.2 (9,10 years old) A1.2 (9,10 years old)
A2 (11,12 years old) A2 (11,12 years old) A2 (11,12 years old)

Students who complete these levels go directly to the corresponding level in the adult courses.

At Yessi we care about you

Yessi centers are approved under the RapidWay teaching system

At Yessi our goal is the same as yours; learn a language and certify it!

If our experts consider the student suitable, we guarantee 100% success in the official exam.