With JUNIORS we begin the second stage of learning English at YESSI.


Those students who have successfully completed CHILDREN II go on to this level. New students who have shown by means of a placement test that they have a sufficient level of English to do this level can also do Juniors.


They use material specially designed for this level and age.


In the JUNIORS courses we widen the application of Rapid-Way: Learn By Doing to include all the language skills:

  1. Pronunciation.
  2. Vocabulary.
  3. Grammar.
  4. Writing.
  5. Oral Expression.
  • At these levels “homework” is important in order to consolidate the knowledge acquired in class. Homework is set once a week.
  • Each term students do an exam and receive a report on their progress written by their teacher.
  • There are also students in JUNIORS who, because of their good progress in English are able to do two courses in a year.
  • JUNIORS is divided into 4 different levels:
    • JUNIORS IA (9/10 years).
    • JUNIORS IB (10/11 years).
    • JUNIORS II (11/12 years).
    • JUNIORS III (12/13 years).
  • Those students who pass JUNIORS III go on to “Pre-Intermediate” which is part of the block called TEENAGERS.