Our CHILDREN levels are divided in two stages with different methods. The first and for the youngest one (3 to 5 years old) is called PLAY SCHOOL. It is at this age when they better capture the sounds of the language. They do everything by imitating, without any fear of failure. That is how they communicate with the teacher.



PLAY SCHOOL is the best way for kids to learn English in the afternoon: 17.15 to 18.30, from Monday to Thursday. If you want to we also have courses for the youngest on Saturdays from 10.00 to 11.30 am.


Our students learn through: songs, stories, videos, games, handcrafts, plays, etc… In this way we stimulate their capacity to understand English.


PLAY SCHOOL allows our students to come 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or even 4 days per week.


During PLAY SCHOOL all our activities are organised in class. There is no homework. Children come to our school so that they can enjoy, have fun and the most important, communicate in English


Students who finish PLAY SCHOOL will continue with CHILDREN levels:


  • CHILDREN I [6/7 años] – 2,5 hours per week
  • CHILDREN II [7/8 años] – 2,5 hours per week

In the courses of CHILDREN, YESSI introduces the Rapid-Way: “Learn By Doing” system  to practise the following language skills:

  1. Pronunciation.
  2. Vocabulary.
  3. Oral expression.
  • All the activities and exercises are done in class.
  • CHILDREN are not given homework.
  • Courses last for an academic year: from September until the end of June.
  • New students can join the course at any time during the year providing they have the right level – this is verified by means of a placement test.
  • Each term students do an exam especially adapted to these levels and they receive a report on their progress written by their teacher.
  • Some students may be able to do two courses in one year depending on their level of English, maturity, age ...