English for Beginners


Have you got time to spare? Do you want to learn English? Come with us and we will help you to enjoy the language by communicating in English.


At YESSI we have special courses for adults who know absolutely no English at all. You will be in a small group of between 3 and 8 students. It is never too late. You too can do it. And we are sure that you will succeed.


With our Rapid Way method you will learn by doing... and it will all seem so much easier.



English - other levels


It is becoming more and more difficult to find people who know absolutely no English at all. That’s true. But how many people can communicate fluently in English? This is our aim and the challenge we face at YESSI with our Rapid Way method: for our students to speak and write correctly.


After doing both a written and oral placement test, students are assigned a group. From now on the most important thing is: Attendance. Choose a time when you will be able to come. We will do the rest. You will be given up-to-date, motivating material. Your teachers will help you to use the Rapidway tools. The classes will seem shorter, more enjoyable and you will take full advantage of them. You will learn by doing ... and you will enjoy yourself at the same time!


Another important point: Homework. The work you do at home consolidates what you have done in class: It is so easy and simple.




If you are constant and determined, in YESSI you will manage to learn English well and obtain your Cambridge Certificate.


First Certificate, Advanced or Proficiency will be an important part of your currículum and we will feel proud of that.