People communicate through oral or written language. We use it for work, travel, the Internet … It is impossible to speak all languages. There is no time to learn them all. We must give priority to some languages and be practical.

What do we suggest?


First Language: English

  • It is the first language of communication in the world.

  • Among 300 and 400 million people speak English as their mother tongue.

  • As a second language there are 20 million more people who speak English.

  • Nowadays it is needed both an advanced oral and written level of English.

  • Cambridge certification “CAE Certificate”: C1 will guarantee this level.

  • Now you will be ready to work in English.

  • Remember how essential English is nowadays.



Second Language: German / French

  • Both Germany and France are industrially and economically powerful countries in Europe.

  • Their languages are both very important all around the world after English.

  • They are neighbouring countries which we keep an historical labour exchange with.

  • Obtain a B2 German / French level and certify your knowledge.

  • Now you will be ready to work in either Germany or France.



Third Language: Chinese

  • It is certainly the language of the future.
  • Only in China more than 850 million people speak Chinese.
  • China is a developing market.
  • We suggest getting a basic level of communication: A2
  • In this way it will be easier to communicate with the Chinese.



Yessi Language Centre

  • In Yessi Language Centre you will be taught in order to get the right level in each language.
  • Now you can work and communicate with people all around the world.
  • We provide you with the tools within a Face-to-face teaching.
  • You have to invest your time and look forward to learning.
  • Together we will succeed in and be grateful for that.