• We are a centre with 40 years of experience dedicated in teaching languages.
  • During all these years, we have united a big group of companies who still keep working with us and thank us for achievieng their goals in a short period of time and the lowest fees.
  • Ever since 1982, we have in Yessi been working with companies throughout the whole region of Vallès giving classes in different languages:










¿What does Yessi Language Centre offer?



  • We move around from our facilities to your company with native teachers and experts in business language.
  • We just need a classroom equipped with a whiteboard.The rest of the material is provided by the centre.
  • Learn to be at ease speaking different languages and improve your trade relations with your clients. Speak their language.
  • Although we can give classes in your Company, there is also the possibility of giving the classes in whichever one of our centres, in closed groups.

ONLINE Courses

  • Courses are taught through our online platform. With a previous placement test considering comprehension and communicacion skills within the language of all students, we elaborate a course plan and we adapt it to your needs.


¿Do you know about our susidised courses?

  • Take advantage of our subsidised courses and reduce costs.

Subsidised courses will allow you to learn the language you choose for 0 euros. Totally free.


¿What is a subsidised course?

  • All companies have access to an amount of money which they can invest in education for their employees from the moment they pay for their Social Security. This means the course has no cost neither for the employee nor for the company.

¿Which is the amount of money the company has access to?

  • Companies from 1 to 5 employees have access to 420 euros per year and starting from 5 employees up they have access to 65 euros per employee.

¿What do I have to do to enter a subsidised course?


Company requirements:

  • To be a private company.
  • Pay Yessi the Price of the course, which will be deducted from the Social Security fees the company pays every month. 
  • For additional information about these courses, call 93 692 87 52 in the mornings from 9.00 to 13.30.